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Meet the Team

Sienna Woolford

Title: “Copy and Paste”

Sienna is 10 years old and is in year four at Primary School.

What’s Dad’s Job? To be on the phone all the time

What’s Mum’s Job? Nothing……… 😊

Favourite subject at school? Science, because you get to do dangerous stuff

Least favourite subject at school? MATHS!

Favourite food? What ever is in the pantry

Who’s the favourite person in the house? My puppy Ace

Riddle this 😊 What comes once in a minute? Twice in a moment? But NEVER in a thousand years????
Answer: The letter “M”
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Mason Woolford

Title: “The Dictator”

Mason is 7 years old and is in year two at Special School.

What’s Dad’s Job? Head toy train fixer

What’s Mum’s Job? Chief cuddle giver

Favourite thing to do at school? Singing and dancing

Something I’m working on? Sharing

Favourite food? Chippy and drink

Who’s the favourite person in the house? “CAT”
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Heidi Moroney
Title: The Real BOSS of Kinetik Consulting

Heidi looks after the troops, keeps Brett inline, is all things HR, payroll, invoicing, and the backbone of the family business.Heidi will file all the customer complaints in the BIN to do list and let Brett deal with it!

Favourite thing to do? Spend time with the family and delegate jobs to Brett 😁

Brett Woolford

Title: Owner / Director – When Heidi’s not around

Brett is the doer; he will work hard to make sure all clients are happy with the services Kinetik Consulting provide. He loves a chat and a beer, building strong relationships with good honest people and will do it with a smile on his face (most of the time).

Favourite thing to do? Bush walking with the family in the Flinders Ranges and fishing in the Upper Spencer Gulf.
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